25 Apr, 2017

The 12 most unforgettable moments from the Lux Style Awards

From the most inspiring to the most cringe-worthy moments, we’ve got them all!

The Lux Style Awards — a night of song and dance, accolades and speeches — passed by like a blur, but the memory of some moments are particularly potent.

Images gives the LSAs its own awards, one for every highlight from the night.

Best Acceptance Speech: Ahsan Khan

Ahsan Khan earned a well-deserved Best TV actor accolade for his performance in child sexual abuse drama Udaari (like Sahira Kazmi said, his was a character we loved to hate). He used his moment of glory to highlight the educational value of television and the dire need for Pakistan to harness it.

He said that the tragedy of Mashal Khan is a reminder that Pakistani society is not educated and television is an excellent medium for raising awareness. “It’s our moral duty to educate people,” he stressed. The audience agreed and applauded him for his statement.

Best Use Of Tears: Hasnain Lehri

An award show isn’t complete without an emotional acceptance speech, and unexpectedly, it was Best Male Model winner Hasnain Lehri who said some tearful ‘thank yous’ last night.

A visibly overwhelmed Lehri couldn’t get himself to speak for the first couple of minutes.

When he finally composed himself, he described what his second LSA means to him: “When I stepped into this industry, I had no faith in myself. I thought I was a loser, that I couldn’t do anything. Today, I receive so much love and adulation, I now feel I can do something”.

He also gave a shout-out to his mentors, Rizwan-ul-Haq and Abdullah Harris, whom he called his “backbone”.

It was an emotional moment for Lehri, and we all felt it.

Most #Astaghfirullah Moment: Sheheryar Munawar’s ‘commando’ revelation

Most #Astaghfirullah Moment: Sheheryar Munawar's 'commando' revelation

Sheheryar Munawar and Mawra Hocane tried to engage in some witty banter last night, but unfortunately, their lines turned out to be quiiiite cringe-worthy.

We’ll spare you most of the details, but here’s an exchange to demonstrate:

At one point, Mawra asks Sheheryar, who will soon play a superhero in the upcoming Project Ghazi, ‘Tu phir chaddi ka kya scene hai? Ooper pehnte ho ya neechay?’ (So, what’s up with your undies? Do you wear them on the inside or outside?)

Sheheryar Munawar, forever the cool dude, replies, ‘Oh I always go commando!’

Hey Sheheryar, ever heard of TMI?

Best Roast: OKB’s roast of Mahira Khan

Best Roast: OKB’s roast of Mahira Khan

If OKB really had a morning show, ratings just might be sky-high.

9am cattiness seems to come naturally to the actor/writer, who made fun of Mahira’s big dress from the last LSAs, her attempts to pass off as 16 in her on-screen roles and her umpteen crying roles on television.

What’s best was that was all in good humour and tastefully done, and Mahira had the opportunity to get back at OKB in a thoroughly enjoyable rap battle.

Most Unexpected Performance: Mahira Khan’s rap

Most Unexpected Performance: Mahira Khan's rap

With details of her LSA performance kept tightly under wraps, Mahira Khan’s #MKvsNobody rap battle was a most pleasant surprise. Eschewing wedding wear (like the Umar Sayeed ensemble she twirled around in lady year) for gold studded leather pants, a tee and red boxer’s robes, Mahira belted out rap lyrics with fairly convincing fury that shut down haters who say she can’t act or that she is an over-rated star.

Is there anything this woman can't do? ????? #LSA2017 #HappeningNow #MahiraKhan

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Most Casually Sexist: Zaheer Abbas’ jibe

Most Casually Sexist: Zaheer Abbas' jibe

In a new segment this year, the Fashion Squad consisting of fashion designers Maheen Kardar Ali, Zaheer Abbas and influencers Sadaf Zarrar, Momina Sibtain spent a fair bit of time analysing celebs’ red carpet looks and selected the winners of the Best Dressed Male and Female awards.

Now this was a big bunch, and each member of the Fashion Squad had a little something to say about this year’s style statements. The ladies went first and when it was Zaheer Abbas’ turn to speak in the end, he said something to the effect of ‘The women will keep going on and on, so I’ll just announce the winners’.

Umm, not cool to crack a joke at the expense of your female peers, Zaheer. Why do you have a problem with women talking? Are you sure you would have said the same if you were accompanied by a trio of men?

Funniest Freudian Slip: Faraz Manan

Funniest Freudian Slip: Faraz Manan

Faraz Manan picked up the Achievement in Fashion Design – Bridal accolade, dedicating his win to the beautiful brides he has dressed. He went on to address a message to the brides he dresses: “Keep getting married and keep coming!”

Amen to that.

Wisest Words: Noman Ijaz

Wisest Words: Noman Ijaz

Noman Ijaz made his first appearance at the LSAs a memorable one.

He was called on stage to announce the winners of the Best TV Director and Best TV Play. He said a few words before he proceeded to the order to the day — and it turned out to be a speech that overshadowed most acceptance speeches.

His message to fellow members of show business was this: “Jis ko aaj award milay, wo party keray aur jis ko na milay, wo ziada party karay! Kyunke kissi ki khushi may khush hona bohot bari baat hoti hai. (To those who win, may they party hard tonight, and to those who do not win, may they party even harder! It’s a mark of character to celebrate the success of others.)

He continued with a playful jibe at the night’s sponsors: “Kyunke ye sab tou bus mil behtne ka bahana hai, kyunke after all, Unilever aur TV channels ne bhi tou kamana hai! (This award show is just an excuse to meet up… after all Unilever and the TV channels have some money to make.)

It was well-written script that Noman penned himself and a sharp contrast to many other presenters who just waffled on stage for two minutes.

Best Comeback: Reema

Best Comeback: Reema

The LSAs feted the second coming of several stars, like Tooba Siddiqui who returned to acting in Dobara Phir Se and was in the running for Best Supporting Actress, but none beat the pleasant surprise that was Reema’s unexpected performance.

Highlight of the night #LSA2017 @realreemakhan performs to #nusratfatehalikhan #reemakhan #reema

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The Lux ambassador (seriously, ‘Lux girl’ simply doesn’t do justice to Reema’s stature) was a lesson in beauty and grace as she twirled on stage last night. Here’s hoping her juniors in the industry were watching and taking notes.

Best Fresh Talent: Abid Brohi

Best Fresh Talent: Abid Brohi

Abid Brohi (of ‘The Sibbi Song’ fame) had already brought the house down at the LSAs with his medley of Sindhi classics and rap lyrics, but what really endeared the audience to him was his encore performance of a little rap he wrote for the make-up artists backstage at the LSAs.

Best IDGAF moment: Actor In Law’s absence

Best IDGAF moment: Actor In Law's absence

Everyone knew that Nabeel Qureshi, Fahad Mustafa and the rest of the Actor In Law crew wouldn’t attend the LSAs, even though they were predicted to win big on Wednesday night. The dream team is occupied with the shoot of the Na Maloom Afraad sequel in South Africa and sent their trusty wardrobe designer Yasir to collect their Luxxies.

A proud Yasir bounded up the stairs thrice — more than any other person that evening — to say that Actor In Law, Nabeel Qureshi and Fahad Mustafa “totally deserved” to win Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor. Seriously, that was his only line.

Next time, maybe they could send a little personalised thank-you note with Yasir.

Best low-key burn: Hira Shah’s reply to her aunt

Best low-key burn: Hira Shah's reply to her aunt

In her acceptance speech for Best Emerging Talent winner Hira Shah referenced a mysterious aunt, telling the audience that said aunt once tried to prevent Hira from becoming a model (because good girls become doctors or somesuch), but nevertheless she persisted and look where she is now, etc. Did Hira remember the LSAs are going to be televised? We hope this doesn’t create a tiff in the khandaan!

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