25 Apr, 2017

Atif Aslam Singing The National Anthem At LSA’s Is THE Way It Should Be Done. FOREVER.

Last night was lit, not only because of the yearly buzz Lux Style Awards generate but also because of a certain video circulating the interwebs.

The video in question features Atif Aslam accompanied by other men and women in green on the LSA 2017 stage performing the Pakistani National Anthem.

As any public event in the country goes, opening with the National Anthem is a fixture everyone expects and Atif Aslam and his backup singers delivered just that, and a whole lot more.

It’s so beautiful, so heart warming, so utterly respectful that it will reawaken your patriotic soul.

And it truly DEMANDS to be done over and over again.

What with the lights going haywire, the stomping of the feet, the marching on stage, the drums syncing to the beat of your heart

All this leads up to a small instrumental bridge before raising Atif Aslam on the stage as he sings, “Pak sar zameen shaad baad”

Feels. Just so many feels.

Watch the Pakistani National Anthem video in all it’s glory and splendor:

I dunno about you but I certainly welled up just a little, especially with that montage of Pakistani icons playing behind Atif. Super patriotic feels, you guys.

Source: https://www.mangobaaz.com/atif-aslam-singing-pakistani-national-anthem-feels/