25 Apr, 2017

LSA 2017: We Didn’t Expect This From Atif Aslam

By Rozina Bhutto

There wasn’t a single stutter or nervous fumble in front of the glamorous crowd. We watched in awe as Atif Aslam stood tall and proud as he announced the presenters with utmost confidence AND couldn’t help but chuckle as he impersonated his fellow singers. Aslam was a great host and as embarrassed as we are to admit this, we weren’t expecting this.

How could we? We’d seen seasoned actors like Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan face the jitters before, so how could Atif Aslam – a singer – own it completely.  But he did.

Here are a few highlights from his hosting stint.

The boy can act!

Atif sure surprised us when he decided to imitate Ali Zafar, Sajjad Ali and Umair Jaswal! His vocals were on point but the lyrics are what did the trick.

I’m sure we all remember the time when Umair Jaswal’s ‘energetic’ performance in Coke Studio alongside Quratulain Baloch earned him a place in Twitter trends. Atif Aslam decided to give a funny twist to Sammi Meri Waar with his rendition which ended on a high pitched, “Mausammi Meri Maar, Mausammi Meri Maar!”

By this time, he had managed to grab everyone’s attention.

The audience finally broke into a smile. We even heard a few giggles.

But it was when he brought Sajjad Ali’s Har Zulm to the floor when everyone broke into an applause.

“AC mein kharay ho tumein kya gham chale jaana…Garmi mein khara hoon, abhi phigla tou nahi hoon!”

The opening act

The drums rolled, dancers in green dupattas marched across the venue, and Atif Aslam emerged right in the middle of the stage was all we needed to shoo our red carpet blues away. He opened the show with the national anthem and soon after, he took us down the memory lane with his moves and popular songs like Dil Haare, Woh Lamhe, and his latest track Younhi.

Atif’s tribute to Junaid Jamshed

We had almost forgotten how amazing Atif Aslam’s low notes are! His tribute to Junaid Jamshed sent shivers down our spine. Instead of choosing one of the popular songs like Dil Dil Pakistan, he chose something that sent a silent message.

“Hum kyun chalein uss rah per

Jiss rah per sab hi chalein

Kyun na chunein who raasta

Jis per nahi koi gaya!”


Atif Aslam proved his critics wrong by hosting the 16th Lux Style Awards effortlessly and we couldn’t be more happy for him!

Source: http://womensownpk.com/lsa-2017-we-didnt-expect-this-from-atif-aslam/