25 Apr, 2017

And The Star Of The Show Is Osman Khalid Butt’s Script!

And The Star Of The Show Is Osman Khalid Butt’s Script!

By Rozina Bhutto

Osman Khalid Butt scripted the Lux Style awards and made history! The actor successfully infused a youthful touch to a stale format and his dialogue, “Hashtag Astaghfiruallah”, might just become the next “Scene On Hai.”

If you’ve been a regular stalker of OB then you’d know that humour is his forte and stage theatrics aren’t new to him. From his opening video featuring Faiza Saleem and Mariam Saleem to Sheheryar Munawar and Mawra Hocane’s scripted hashtag stint, Butt’s words reigned supreme at the Lux Style Awards.

Here are a few segments you MUST watch out for!

When Obi and Atif Aslam got together on stage

Nothing could have been more embarrassing for our film and drama makers but it was done tastefully so everyone laughed along. Atif played the good cop while OB the bad, as they grilled one project after another.

Atif: Ho Mann Jahaan…Hum chaar doston ne film dekhi, it was good.

OB: Jinn chaar logon ne ye film dekhi unko bohat achi lagi. Bas Balu Mahi se do log hi kam thai.

Atif: Mah-e-Mir kya khoobsurat film thi. Fahad Mustafa, Iman Ali, Sanam Saaed, Wah!

OB: It was a beautifully tragic, traumatic experience in the cinema, but so was Raasta!

The highlight of this segment was when Butt asked us to guess which film a certain miserable dialogue belonged to. When everyone failed to even recognise the quote, he said, “Ye dialogue film, Sawaal 700 Crore Dollar Ka Hai, jiska jawab abhi tak kisi ko nahi mila!”

Mawra Hocane and Sheheryar’s Astaghfirullah moment

After witnessing their sizzling on-stage chemistry, we have only one thing to say to all the producers/directors out there: Cast these two in a film ASAP!

And if they do make it to the poster of an upcoming film then they’d only have one person to thank – Osman Khalid Butt. Here’s what transpired on stage:

Mawra: Hashtag hazel eye.

Sherry: Hashtag that beautiful smile.

Mawra: Hashtag I cannot handle this.

Sherry: Hashtag it’s getting hot in here.

Mawra and Sherry in unison: Hashtag Astaghfirullah!

The never-ending case of Maula Jatt’s cast

We recently heard that Mahira Khan had joined the illustrious cast of Maula Jatt and we wondered where she’ll fit in with Fawad Khan, Hamza Abbasi, and Sohai Ali Abro? It seems, Osman Khalid Butt was having similar thoughts.

The morning show segment might’ve dragged on for infinity, but we couldn’t control the sudden bout of laughter when Mariam Saleem appeared as ‘Sahira Khan’ in a humongous dress, and OB was quick to ask, “That’s such a massive dress! Andar Maula Jatt ki cast chupai hui hai?”

The Rap war with Mahira Khan

This was the highlight of the show even though it scored high on narcissism. Mahira and OB were in sync as they hopped and bounced and delivered the punchy lines of the rap.

Mahira didn’t miss a beat as she rapped, “Ho Kon tum Osman Butt AKA OB, ek aur chitta pappu in this industry! Cheentay ho tum sitaron ka chain aur sukoon! Bolo waise kaise ja rahi hai Parwaaz Hai Ye Junoon?….Pause for…Ouch! Nahi hai tum mein kuch khaas, tumse zyada gora chikna tou hai Imran Abbas!”

OB then interrupted the proceedings to remind her of her bechari bahu roles and to know what happened next, you’ll have to wait for the LSA to air!

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