25 Apr, 2017

6 epic moments from Lux Style Awards 2017

6 epic moments from Lux Style Awards 2017

The 16th Lux Style Awards (LSA), held on Wednesday night were drastically different from last year’s show. First off, it was Hasan Shehreyar Yasin not Frieha Altaf who served as the director. A significant change in aesthetics and management could be seen. The show, which ran until midnight, encompassed a series of hits and misses.

Here is a list of six things that stood out at the show:

1. Atif Aslam mimicking Ali Zafar and Sajjad Ali

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There are not many things that Atif Aslam doesn’t and the crowd doesnt eat it up. Last night, he showed his comic side when he mimicked his contemporary pop star Ali Zafar. Singing in a similar heavy voice, Atif had the crowd in splits. And before we could even recover from it, he followed it up with a song in the softer, more melodious voice of Sajjad Ali. Perhaps those whose view of the stage was blocked with tall heads and crazy hairdos, must have thought it was Zafar and Sajjad performing on stage. It was that perfect.

2. The ‘Teefa In Trouble’ couple provides a glimpse of the film

Yes, we are anticipating Ali Zafar’s cinematic debut in Pakistan. But it seemed the pop star is anticipating it even more as last night, he couldn’t resist giving us a glimpse of what he has to offer. Zafar and Maya Ali performed on a song from Teefa In Trouble. With an epic set s and larger-than-life, haunting feel to the sound, Zafar and Maya swirled on stage.

3. ‘In Memoriam’ segment

The segment remembers those contributors who left the world recently. While it was respectful of LSA to pay tribute to veterans and personalities, most significantly Junaid Jamshed, what came as a surprise was the inclusion of Kismat Baig, a relatively unknown stage actor and dancer who was brutally killed last year.

4. Osman Khalid Butt and Atif Aslam’s hilarious hosting

Butt proved once again that comedy is his forte. The show opened with an interesting video package with Butt and other actors welcoming the audience to the LSA flight and promised not to kick out anyone for well, most reasons. They took digs at United Airlines and offered tutorials on how to deal with the embarrassment if one doesn’t win an award.

Later, Butt joined Atif as his translator and took digs at the Sahir Lodhi’s magnum opus Raasta and Saba Qamar’s absence. But that wasn’t enough. Just like that random celebrity that lives down your street, he also had his own morning show where he discussed the much-hyped war between the Maker of your Raasta and the media.

5. Reema’s cameo

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It’s always a mix of fun and nostalgia to see veteran stars come on stage. The older audience is delighted while the newer generation tries to wrap their heads around their mystique and appeal. But as she grooved on the stage, just how graceful did veteran Lollywood actress Reema look last night! That’s all we have to say. Really!

6. ‘Mera Sultan’ actor Halit Ergenç sighting

LSA 2017 got an international touch this year as the massively popular Mera Sultan actor Halit Ergenç was present at the show. Ergenç was presented the international icon award and he, alongside Reema, also presented the best film award won by Actor In Law. The moment became a highlight for the sole reason of these two behemoths, Reema and Ergenç, on stage together. Talk about iconic moments!

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