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08 Feb, 2016

5 New Year’s resolutions for a fab 2016

Eager to kick off 2016 on the right foot? Here are some fulfilling and easy resolutions to make the year ahead your most fabulous one yet.

1. Smell the roses.

It’s January and you’re ready to throw yourself headlong into the new year, all systems go. But before you dive right in, remind yourself that you’re not superwoman. As much as you would like to check off all your goals by the end of 2016, it’s likely that some will fall by the wayside. And that’s a-ok.

Tip: Count your wins, big and small. Recharge your mind and body regularly by taking frequent breaks. Schedule regular long and relaxing LUX Soft Touch baths and, literally, stop and smell the (French) roses.

2. Skip the starvation diet.

Admit it, women never think they’re ever thin enough. Every year we find a new diet bandwagon to jump on, whether it’s carb-free, Paleo or the horrifying, liquid diet. More often than not, we end up starving ourselves for a few weeks before bingeing on all our favourite foods. Instead of resorting to full-on deprivation, adopt a small habit change instead.

Tip: Try cutting out sugary sodas for a month or walking 20 minutes more every day.
By introducing minor changes to your daily routine, you will find it far easier to sustain a healthier lifestyle throughout the year.

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3. Do a digital detox.

We’d bet our dollar that the very first thing you did at the turn of the new year was check your phone. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or WeChat, it’s hard to put down our devices when there’s a new notification or status update popping up every two seconds. Although that’s the reality of modern life, it doesn’t mean we should be slaves to our devices.

Tip: Try making the 30 minutes before bed time device-free. Read a book or meditate with scented oils. It will focus your mental energy and help you sleep like a baby.

4. Get rid of clutter.

Take a look around your room. Are there expired beauty products on your vanity? A stack of decade-old clothes hidden at the back of your closet? Some people say that the state of our physical surroundings is a reflection of our mind. Whether you believe that or not, getting rid of clutter is a fab way to welcome the new year. You can’t have new and exciting things in your life without making room for them first, right?

Tip: According to Marie Kondo, bestselling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising, keep the few things that give you joy or are truly necessary. Chuck the rest.

5. Reward yourself.

If you have several goals on your list, a great way to motivate yourself is by planning little rewards for completed milestones. For example, after every gym session, treat yourself to a delicious smoothie. This pattern of incentivizing good behaviour is hard-wired into our brain (blame it on mum and dad!). Enjoy the fruits of your hard work often enough, and soon you’ll be looking forward to your run every morning.

Tip: Energize yourself every morning by bathing with LUX Aqua Sparkle. Its invigorating citrus notes will give you all the energy to tackle anything that comes your way.