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14 Oct, 2016

8 unique date ideas

There’s nothing wrong with the usual dinner-and-movie night out with your guy, but it’s always good to change things up. Escape humdrum dating routines with these fun ideas. No cafe hopping, we promise!

1. Try geocaching

Geocaching is a modern-day treasure hunt where players search for items hidden by other players, share clues and log their finds. There are about two million geocaches in the world, so you and your guy can spend hours on this activity, no matter where you are. Some geocaches will even take you on beautiful nature trails in your country.

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2. Go for a unique hotel stay

These days, an increasing number of hotels are coming up with unique packages to attract locals. The Quincy Hotel in Singapore, for instance, offers an interesting staycation experience targeted at couples. Their Qool Weekend Package includes fun activities in addition to the usual one-night stay and buffet breakfast. On Saturday, join in their afternoon couple art jamming class and then catch a movie by the pool at night. If you both have a sweet tooth, sign up for their cupcake baking class on Sunday.

3. Go floral jamming

If you’re crazy about flowers and so is your man, take him for floral jamming! Several flower shops offer workshops where you can create your own floral arrangements with guidance from their florists. Flowers, foliage and tools are provided, so you just need to bring your imagination. Check out Tallensia Floral Art in Hong Kong and Floral Magic in Singapore.

4. Get crafty

Be a part of the maker movement and do something handy along with your man. In Singapore, you can learn to make copper pipe lamps and pick up a variety of DIY skills. Makerbay in Hong Kong offers a wide range of classes, from 3D printing to woodwork and robotics. Bangkok’s Home of Maker also offers similar workshops. Best of all, these activities will ensure you get to take home something that reminds you of the fun time you had together.

5. Visit a farm

Tired of city crowds and malls? Plan a visit to a nearby farm. Feed baby animals at Farmart Centre in Singapore, or plan a short weekend trip to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia and stroll through one of its many tea plantations. BOH Plantations continues to be one of the most visited. If you’re curious about eco-friendly farming practices, you can visit the Zenxin Organic Park, which is just across the causeway in Kluang, Johor, in neighbouring Malaysia.

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6. Pick up scuba diving

Learning a new sport together is a great way to bond with your other half. If you’re adventure-loving water babies, scuba diving could become your new shared hobby. Southeast Asia has some of the best dive sites in the world, with beautiful corals and amazing marine life. An Open Water diving course can usually be completed within four days. Check out Living Seas Asia, which operates in Singapore and Bali.

7. Make a perfume for each other

Get to know your man better when you customise a fragrance for him. Places like Sifr, Nose Who Knows and Je t’aime Perfumery in Singapore offer master classes where you can create your own unique scent. You’ll have fun blending the ingredients and tweaking the formula until you’re both satisfied with the final fragrance.

8. Create a home spa experience for him

You’re all for pampering yourself at home, so why not include your significant other for once? Switch off the telly, dim the lights and play some soft tunes to set the mood. Take a relaxing shower before giving him a good massage. The next time he catches a whiff of your LUX Soft Touch, he’ll remember this special date. Or, if you prefer a more intense, sensual scent, we recommend lathering up with LUX Love Forever.