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18 Mar, 2016

5 most romantic stories from the Internet

Nothing encourages that feel-good factor like reading about real-life love stories. So pour a bath, ignite the spark of romance with Lux Soft Touch and enjoy these heartwarming stories.

1. Hacking the Internet

Dating sites like OKCupid and Match use an algorithm to connect compatible people, but for 35-year-old math genius Chris McKinlay, it wasn’t good enough. In a city of over 2 million people, he was getting less than a hundred matches with a high compatibility rate. So the then PhD student decided to take matters into his own hands and created his own data engine with the help of a neuroscientist. Six million profiles, thousands of views and hundreds of responses later, he met Christine Tien. It was his 88th first date and Chris knew it would be his last. A year later, he proposed over Skype and she said yes. How’s that for a true blue Internet love story?

2. Don’t give up

Actress Sofia Vergara was not impressed with hunky Joe Manganiello’s smooth moves, and rejected him over and over again because he seemed “too much” for her, being a couple of years younger and one of People magazine’s hottest bachelors of the year. Joe wasn’t deterred however – he knew she was the woman of his dreams and was determined to win her heart. For their first date, Joe flew to New Orleans when she was filming Hot Pursuit and the couple clicked instantly. Six months later, Joe proposed and they married in 2015 surrounded by family and friends.

3. Love in the autumn

The later years of life are not often associated with finding great love, but Jack, 75, and Renne, 74, did just that when they both joined a singles site. Renne uploaded an image of herself lighting candles at a religious ceremony and Jack was instantly attracted to her. Despite living in different New York boroughs, the pair quickly fell in love. They married in 2009 and have been living happily in Manhattan ever since.

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4. Love forever

Romance isn’t just about that first connection, it’s also about keeping the love alive. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban know this only too well. With hectic schedules and a growing family, the high-profile couple know that cherishing their relationship only makes it stronger. Every time Keith has to be away from Nicole, he pens love letters to her – one to be opened each day while they are apart. Not just that, his record Get Closer is rumoured to be an open love letter to his wife.

5. More than skin deep

Model and avid sportswoman Turia Pitt was 24 years old when she was trapped in a bushfire in Western Australia’s Kimberley while running a 100 kilometre ultra-marathon. The fire burnt 65 per cent of her body and caused her to lose her fingers and thumb on her right hand. Turia’s long-term partner Michael Hoskin quit his job in order to be by her side, buying her a diamond ring while she was still in intensive care. When questioned about his decision to stick by his love’s side, Michael responds: “I married her soul, her character, and she’s the only woman that will continue to fulfill my dreams.” Michael popped the question in 2015 and a wedding is not far away.