26 Apr, 2017


For weeks the grapevine had been abuzz about news from LSA 2017. With a new director and team, promising to change things, there were many a speculations. Well, it did turn out to be a pretty good show with the highest achievement being, it ended on time.

While the winners deserved each bit of the appreciation, there were no losers last night as fashion and entertainment put their best foot forward.
While my other half, Sadaf Zarrar played fashion police, we also came up with our favz on the red carpet, and the looks we didn’t love as much. Here are the best and the not so amazing looks from LSA last night.

1. Anum Malik

Simple and understated is how we love the looks, and this was a masterclass in sheer elegance. A custom made Fahad Hussayn ice blue gown with just the right amount of skin and lots of panache. Well done Anum!

2. Sanam Saeed

We have always maintained that she can look lovely if styled right, and the low key actress days are far behind her. Sanam looked amazing in a halter top and skirt looking very feminine and chic.
Sanam Saeed

3. Safinaz Muneer

Epitome of grace and class in her own creation, Safinaz stood out with panache. We loved the entire collection at PSFW but this piece was on top of the list and the designer showed everyone how well she can carry her own work.

4. Mahira Khan.

No surprises there. Black, simple, accessories right and not trying too hard. Mahira was a vision at the red carpet…and the only international designer look that worked.

So who was it that didn’t make the cut for us really… 

Mawra Hocane

Although she is insanely popular thanks to her little girl charms, we feel she could evolve a little. The princess dress and clutch felt a bit too much….Maybe we are just not a fan on Disney princess feels after age 12.
Mawra Hocane

Aamina Sheikh

The dress just didn’t do anything for her grace and complexion. We felt she looked uncomfortable and had thrown it on last minute. Even though Saira Shakira create beautiful pieces, this one just didn’t work for Aamina.

Nadia Hussain

Not much to say here except she could have done much better with the height and body she has. Just quite boring we’d say.
Nadia Hussain

Source: http://www.siddysays.com/tag/lux-style-awards-2017/