29 Jul, 2016

These celebs dish on their next big projects on the LSA red carpet

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]These celebs dished on their next big projects on the LSA red carpet

Red carpets are good for two things: style inspiration from gorgeous celebs… and hot, juicy scoops.

We talked to all the stars to get the deets on their upcoming projects

Moor star Shaz Khan is back in Pakistan with a film project. “I’m working on a project in Pakistan called The Servant, a rags-to-riches story told in a very different way. We’re going to push the boundaries with this one. It’s being shot in Hunza and most likely, in Islamabd and bits in Karachi. I’m writing and acting in the film,” he says.

“I’m directing a film called Wujood, which is a violent love story. The music is completed, going to start shooting in end of October in Lahore. The mid-spell will be in foreign country; we haven’t decided which yet. There will be a few surprises from Bollywood in the film as well,” revealed Javed Sheikh.

Javed Sheikh at LSA

“I’m very occupied with the promotions of my Bollywood film, Happy Bhag Jayegi – I was just on the Kapil Sharma Show, where we launched the trailer. So I haven’t been able to properly discuss and sign onto a project in Pakistan. But I am doing a TV serial titled Khuda Gawah Hai, where I get to star with my dad for the first time on TV. So that makes it a special project for me. I play a girl whose father has a hard time accepting her as a daughter,” shares Momal Shaikh.

Momal Sheikh at LSA

“My next project will definitely not be a road movie, promises Karachi Se Lahore director Wajahat Rauf, adding that “ Maybe we’ll do a shaadi movie. I’m going to sit down with Yasir [Hussain] to flesh out a few script ideas soon.“

Hameed Sheikh is deep into an interesting collaboration. “I’m doing a joint venture movie with an American film company, the same that also produced The King’s Speech. It’s going to be the first Pakistani movie, especially from Balochistan, that will collaborate on an international level. The film will be a period piece from the British era. I’m basing the film of research from UK libraries and a few good books. I hope to start work on the film next year. The script will take some time.”

Noori frontman Ali Noor is onto his next album already. “Apart from producing Coke Studio and Cornetto Pop Rock, I’m working on my next album, but I’m unsure when that’ll be out. Last one took 10 years, this one should take … only a year,” he says with a grin. “We’ve started a new label called BYI Music. It’s short for Believe In Yourself label. We feel that Pakstani musicians just focus on commissioned music. That should be secondary. The main point is to write your own ideas. We trying to get people to get writing without any monetary considerations, like what we used to do many years ago.”

Ali Noor at LSA

Looks like these stars have their work cut out for them. Glad they have this big night to celebrate their wins so far![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]