25 Jul, 2016

The Evolution of the LSA Stage

The evolution of the stage at the LSA.

Year in and year out, the Lux Style Awards present the social event of the season, with celebrities


congregating from all parts of the country, and a set up that blows us away. Although the red carpet is one of our favourite aspects of LSA, once the show begins, it’s all eyes on the stage.

Oozing with sophistication, creativity and art, here are some of the best LSA stages from over the years:


The 2004 set was made glamorous just like every other year with a combination of abstract architecture and everyone’s favourite, fairy lights!


The spacious stage of 2006 was brought to life with lots of coloured lighting.


The Lux Style Awards added a twist to the stage set by sticking to shades of pink and orange with a more compact design.


The 2009 stage was made to look rather dramatic, almost as though it were out of a play. With the theatre like, Shakespearean feel – we loved the red and orange hues.


This was the year of minimalism. The set up was understated but the bright yellow hues breathed life into it.


Although the rest of stage was kept simplistic, Lux added complexity through large carefully crafted pieces to bring the set to life.


It was the year of the purple. With the whole stage drenched in purple lighting, we got the true sensual Lux feel.


We were dragged into a floral heaven at the 2014 LSA. With an incredible fairytale like feel, we loved the set up that night.


It was made into a starry night by adding the classic black to the hints of silver around the background.