04 Aug, 2016

Slowspin wins proving indie musicians are just so cool

Zeerak Ahmed aka Slowspin, a talented 25-year- old Karachi-based mixed media installation/sound/performance artist who has been making waves in the electronica scene of Karachi for the last two years won the LSA in the emerging talent in music category.

Her mother clad in a gorgeous sari accepted the award on her behalf as Zeerak was in Germany. Ahmed is a Dosti Music project fellow, which is a US cross cultural initiative that brings together a group of musicians from Pakistan, India, and the U.S. for a month-long residency and tour.

Her ethereal music is influenced by structures and space and how we experience movement and time within it. A close contender for the category was singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Karachi Ali Suhail who has been in the music industry for the last few years and has made appearances on Uth Records, Nescafe basement and won popular poll on a local website,

When Suhail was asked if getting nominated for an award as commercial as LSA 2016 legitimizes his passion or becomes laborious for his future, he said: “It’s a cool thing to be invited to the adults table.”

Waleed Ahmed from indie rock act Janoobi Khargosh says a LSA nod is an “almost” a good thing.

“In a country where people don’t give a shit about indie artists. LSA makes you give a 0.000001% shit” he said.