25 Apr, 2017

Mahira Khan And Osman Khalid Butt Turned The LSA Stage Into A Rap Battle Ground And It Was Phenomenal


Lux Style Awards have become Pakistan’s equivalent of Emmy’s, no less, as far as star power and stellar performances are concerned. The glitz and the glamor, the red carpet appearances  including Mahira Khan’s sizzler, the pre-award controversies flying around and basically just the entertainment value is phenomenal.

This year received it’s fair share of drama and bated breaths, with Saba Qamar boycotting the show altogether and Ahsan Khan being nominated for best actor in Udaari, a soap that not only sparked nationwide debate but also battled head to head with the censor board.

Anyway, the award show aired last night and it was done JUST RIGHT. But our favorite moment was the Mahira Khan and Osman Khalid Butt rap battle which basically just had us in FITS.

Most Unexpected Performance: Mahira Khan's rap

With Mooroo beatboxing, Mahira drops some ??? rap that had even Osman Khalid Butt down on his knees.

Ho kaun tum Osman Butt AKA OB, aik aur chitta pappu in the industry. Nahin hai tum mein kuch khaas, tumsay zyadah gora chitta tou hai Imran Abbas.”

“Seriously, though. Your Donald Trump bronzer in Balu Mahi should definitely win an award next year”


Baat tou sehi hai magar baat hai ruswaai ki. 

And then, she took her sweet time to diss people in the industry and serve some good ol’ fashioned roasting,

“Kuch actresses ne kaha mujhe acting nai aati, kya apki bhi hein filmein 100 crore kamati?”

Which was basically only for Meera who’s been openly badmouthing the superstar:

God, Meera. That wasn’t really classy, was it?

Watch the video and find out why we’re in roars of laughter:


And this one, too:

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Source: https://www.mangobaaz.com/mahira-khan-rap-goddess/