18 Jul, 2017

The Lux girls reveal their new Lux Perfumed Collection TVC

KARACHI: Mahira Khan, Mawra Hocane and Maya Ali, this year’s Lux girls revealed their TVC for the all new Lux Perfumed Soap Collection with great fanfare at an exclusive meet & greet that was held at Nueplex Cinemas, The Place.

The event was hosted by Hassan Sheheryar Yasin who started the show by giving an opening speech followed by screening of the TVC that is  directed by Asim Raza and then a panel discussion with the Lux girls, Mahira and Mawra where they talked about their experience and how the variants resonate with them.

“Being the Lux girl has been a real journey! I did my first ad before my first film released, I was shy and unaware. It feels like I’ve grown up with the team. The Lux girl is every girl as far as I’m concerned. She can be shy, confident, boisterous, elegant or clumsy. To me the Lux girl is someone who is comfortable in her own skin, who continues to grow and evolve. I am so happy to have Maya and Mawra become a part of the Lux family. We had a great time shooting together. I hope they enjoy this experience as much as I have,” said Mahira Khan.

The new ad introduced the three variants; Hypnotic Rose, Charming Magnolia and Elegant Gardenia. It is beautifully shot at the ethereal Noor Mehal in Bahawalpur and has a very glamorous feel to it. The ad represents what the industry stars are most famous for, Mahira’s ability to evoke strong emotions, Maya’s style and Mawra’s innocence and smile. They look gorgeous in their gowns and the connection between them and the three variants is perfectly portrayed. Hypnotic Rose, has a rich floriental sweetness of musk vanilla combined with the voluptuous scent of red roses that make this fragrance ultra-feminine and glamorous just like Mahira Khan.

Mawra Hocane’s variant Charming Magnolia, has touches of exotic Kashmir Wood notes and the sweet floral of Magnolia that make an elegant yet powerful fragrance.

Maya Ali’s variant Elegant Gardenia, has enchanting notes of Japanese Gardenia with the warmth and depth of Cedarwood Oil which is a captivating fragrance.

“It’s a dream come true! When you see such a glamorous ad at the age of 12.  Your dream of being a part of them and to have achieved something like this so early in my career is overwhelming,” exclaimed Mawra Hocane. “We were all guided under the umbrella of Asim Raza, who I feel is a phenomenal director.”

After two hours of news, networking and friendly chit chat followed by refreshments, the event came to an end.