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03 Nov, 2016

Spa Day Out With Lux Loofah Lather

So when the Spa day came, I was all ecstatic to find out what Lux has in the house for bloggers and influencers. Host of the day was Anoushay Ashraf, who was looking spectacular in a purple jump suit. Akif Jamal, ABM for LUX Unilever, also shared a word about the long lasting fragrance of this new variant. As Raheel Pasha, Director Personal Care Unilever, puts it, “Lux embarks on a journey to let women EXPERIENCE an indulgent, luxurious and fragrant cleansing regime like never before with liquid body wash that offers long-lasting perfume and luxurious lather in just three steps: Lux Loofah Lather.”

The day started with a short session Mr. David Boyd from Givaudan, a fragrance house that created some of the biggest fine fragrances globally. After we were introduced to the basics of fragrance, how our minds pick up scents, and what goes behind the making of a fragrance, we were asked to try and make the fragrance of newly introduced LUX Magical Spell bodywash which has been developed with the scent of Black Orchid. David told us about the significance of Top notes, Middle notes & Bottom notes. Top notes are mostly Citrus flavors and tangy, Middle notes are flowery while Bottom notes are wooden & warm. This session was really fun and exciting for all of us, also because the final results varied and everyone had a unique scent which they just made and it was for us to take home. How cool is that?