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Celebrity News - Posted July 17, 2015


  • Deepikas Love for the New LUX

    Deepika Padukone is the new face of LUX. In the current TV commercials she talks about having a new secret love.


     The new and fresh version of the world’s favorite beauty bar, LUX is making the sensuous beauty go weak in her knees these days. Deepika believes in falling in love and her journey of love continues with exploring different fragrances. Deepika associates herself with the floral embossing of the iconic LUX beauty bar because it is inspired by the modern woman of today and she herself is an inspiration to all women. As a matter of fact she is their voice, highlighting that the woman of today is free to make her own choices. LUX is an ode dedicated to a woman – A woman who is romantic, attractive and a dreamer. 



       Deepika has found her true loved fragrance with the iconic beauty soap LUX. The fragrant soap makes Deepika feel fabulous with enriched creaming silk essence and a world class scent. The delightful invigorating aroma of LUX is what Deepika relishes. LUX provides her with an enchanting bathing experience which leaves her skin fragranced and delectably smooth and silky. Deepika expressed her love for the new LUX on an exclusive interview with NDTV.

    "What I love about the new LUX collection is the fragrance; even before you open the pack I can really smell it. According to me LUX is an iconic brand. LUX which stands for luxury has always redefined the meaning of luxury. When I say redefine luxury I think the packaging really does that. When I go in the super market and look at LUX I feel luxurious! It makes me feel special, makes every woman feel special, I think."





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  • For a Rosy Life


    The new LUX is wrapped up in a heady rose fragrance, it is bright, fresh and airy rather than heavy. Rose- scented or rose infused products are the queen of all beauty ranges. Ever pondered why? Rose essential oil is infused with an array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants keeping the skin feeling fresh, soft and supple. Also rose essential oil is considered to treat anxiety and insomnia, hence a quick mood shifter. Here is how you can get a rosy life by indulging your senses in sheer luxury by bathing in the new LUX.

     Rose and your nose

    Rose essential oils are known to inspire emotional calm and tranquility. The aroma is delicate and comforting balancing your senses. Rose oils add incredible richness and depth to the new LUX. The fresh scent of roses is a far cry from heaven. A sure shot fragrance that will make you feel happy, romantic and confident. Feeling glum? Treat yourself up with this bouquet of roses. Feel pungently feminine for a sweet summertime.

    Rose and your skin

    Rose essential oils have antiseptic properties soothing dry skin. The new LUX fused with hand-picked rose extracts and silk essence leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth, supple and beautiful. Giving your skin a satin silk feel, the new LUX hydrates and nourishes your skin like never before. 

    Rose and your wellness

    The new LUX captures the fleeting beauty of the rose. Rose oil is one of the most commonly used essential oils in the world. The aromatic properties enshrouded in the rose oil pamper you up to relax your mind, body and spirit. In addition the calming properties of the rose oil help you treat nervousness. Soak yourself up in the lavishness of the new LUX – Here is to a beautiful you in your rosy life.   


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  • Deepikas Scent-O-Scope

    The sassy long legged beauty, born on January 5th, 1986 is a Capricorn. She shares all the traits of a real Capricorn woman – Ambitious, independent, tough, faithful and a natural leader at heart.  A Capricorns lofty ambition and inner drive often leaves everyone else behind in the dust, very true in the case of this beautiful Bollywood diva. Her strength lies in the ability to see things in their true light giving her clarity of vision to achieve her dreams.



    Have you ever wondered why there are some scents that appeal to you but other people don’t like? Every zodiac sign has defining characteristics and therefore these qualities play an important role in choosing a fragrance. We can say that people from the same zodiac sign have preferences to certain scents according to their traits and zodiac elements. Deepika is a Capricorn and her zodiac element is earth so her fondness is for earthy fragrances like patchouli, lavender, lemon grass, vanilla and coco scents. Once a Capricorn woman has chosen something and it works she tends to stick with it – It is the same for her fragrance. Deepika likes wearing her usual fragrance, which is a blend of floral, earthy and musky tones. Capricorns feel amazing and level-headed when wearing refreshing, bright and clean perfumes. Deepika is not fickle at heart as she is a Capricorn woman who is not up for experimenting with different styles, and unlike the Sagittarius woman, she is a firm believer in signature scents. The Capricorn woman needs a perfume that is sensual yet not too intense, indulging in an overpowering scent is not her style because she is balanced in her relationships and does not believe in extremes.


    The best fragrance for a Capricorn lady is a blend of easy notes of flowers with fruits however these compositions should be hardly noticeable and imperceptible. A scent that is subtle and delicate is enough to keep a Capricorn woman feel energized and to uplift her feelings of clarity. Soft florals and creamy earthy woods evoke a sensory experience necessary for the striving and motivated Deepika to aspire her goals. No wonder Deepika is head over heels with the new LUX. Created with moisturizing silk essence and French rose infusions along with faint notes of red fruits and bergamot is a sure concoction to stir up indulgent and alluring feelings.  


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  • Beauty and Beyond with Deepika

    Deepika Padukone has become synonymous with beauty. Her effortless sense of style and graceful demeanor sets her apart from her co -workers. Deepika shares her beauty essentials and quick fix tricks for a beautiful life!


    Beauty Basics

    In her list of beauty must-haves, three items top her list – A good moisturizer, water to keep her hydrated and lastly a powerful sunscreen with a lightweight, non-shiny finish to keep her skin protected from the harmful UV rays.


    Vanity Bag Essentials




    Deepika isn t fond of wearing make-up in her everyday routine. She usually wears mascara and a lip balm with SPF to keep her lips moistened throughout the day. She personally prefers a more natural yet noticeable look, so she goes for a lengthening mascara formula.


    Fitness Regime



    For Deepika fitness is a lifestyle in itself – She warms up with some cardio or a brisk jog. She does breathing exercises and stretching majorly to keep herself in shape. A healthy and active lifestyle tops her priority list!


    Date Night Fragrance


    This Bollywood beauty is not fond of very musky notes. She likes young and fresh scents. Deepika s ideal date night fragrance is the new Lux Fragrance. She particularly loves its combination of luxurious scents like jasmine, almond oil, white flowers and rose water. For Deepika the fragrance of New Lux is extremely captivating as it lingers on.


    Red Carpet Dressing Rule


    For Deepika comfort is style. It s necessary to wear an outfit you re comfortable in. She is not an avid trend follower; she wears an outfit that complements her personality. The Bollywood diva will wear a saari anytime! She loves the elegance and class of this traditional outfit. 

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