Lux Perfume Portraits

Duration 1:03   Views: 14393

The power of fragrance does not just lie in its scent, but in its ability to inspire. Finds out here

The upcoming stars of Pakistan's showbiz

Duration 01:23   Views: 1863

Meet the promising upcoming stars of Pakistan's entertainment industry in this video on LUX

Top menswear designer and Yamina with their LSA's

Duration 00:48   Views: 1103

Top menswear award winner Ahmed Bham and actress Yamina spoke exclusively at the LSA 2014 Winner's Celebrations. Watch all the exclusive moments on LUX

Aamina bags the LSA for Seedlings

Duration 01:23   Views: 1228

Aamina Shaikh's bold performance in the movie Seedlings made her take the prestigious LSA Best Film Actress award. Find out what Aaminah had to say in this interview on LUX

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Lux Perfume Portraits

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