Models with shimmery clothes!

Duration 2:34   Views: 106

Watch the glitz and glamour of models wearing the latest collection by Wardha Saleem at the FPW 2014. Complete coverage on LUX

Juggan entering the filmy world?

Duration 00:59   Views: 15

The very glamorous T.V personality, Juggan Kazim, is heading to the world of films? Well..maybe so! Find out in this report on LUX

Top Paid Pakistani Actors

Duration 1:44   Views: 951

Pakistani televsion industry is at its boom and the actors in the field are making tons of money. To find out which one of your favorite actor is paid the most, watch this report on LUX

Mahira Khans Lighter Side!

Duration 00:57   Views: 288

Beautiful Mahira Khan has always charmed on the television screens and once again she is part of an exciting celebrity show. Watch more on Mahira only on LUX

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Top Paid Pakistani Actors

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